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Interceptor Body Armor Review

In General

2A Patch Batch

This Interceptor Body Armor (IBA) system consists of;
an Outer Tactical Vest (OTV)
two (2) Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI)
Deltoid and Axillary Protectors (DAPs)
Deltoid (upper arm) Protector & Axillary (under arm) Protector
Neck and Groin Protectors

This three-color desert IBA has PALS webbing on the front for pouches & gear
Body armor is always a compromise: mobility and comfort vs. protection
The IBA offers a lot of protection with moderate comfort,
however it offers little mobility compared to modern designs

Published on Jun 2, 2009

Body Armor Buyers Guide

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Body Armor Buyers Guide
Easy Guide to Body Armor

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