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Mental Health and Guns: A Conversation with WTTA & Zephyr Wellness

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GunFreedomRadio Video Interview Series Vol13 EP152 Mental Health and Guns "“ Originally Aired on 7.30.19
Walk The Talk America (WTTA) founder, Michael Sodini and co-owner of Zephyr Wellness, Jake Wiskerchen, talk about the inspiration behind one of the programs that brings mental health professionals and firearms culture together!

In July of 2019 the inaugural continuing-education course for Mental Health Professionals entitled "Intersection of Guns and Mental Health Workshop" was held at Reno Guns and Range.

This historic event was inspired by parts of the book Behavioral Science of Firearms "“ A Mental Health Perspective on Guns, Suicide, and Violence by Gianni Pirelli, and brought to life by the efforts of WTTA, Zephyr Wellness, firearms expert, Rob Pincus, and Reno Guns and Range, as well as the amazing Mental Health Professionals that wanted to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to understand a piece of gun culture. #GunFreedomRadio

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Gun Websites 4 years ago

another good one, thank you

If all gun owners are not to blame, neither are those with "mental issues" to blame

Getting the Industry & Community ahead of this is valid, Great point tht no one blames the alcohol manufacturer when there is a drunk driving murder

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