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MG's Arma3 Zeus: Ep 1 Pt 3 (Zeus View)

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March 26, 2014

The MG team explores the world of Arma 3 Zeus Beta.

With Funar playing Zeus, Conan58 and BlueEagle embark on a special forces mission to destroy an enemy UAV encampment. As the mission unfolds, they discover there's more going on than originally reported.

This video was filmed using a pre-release version of Arma 3. As such, the features and functionality are different between what is depicted here and what the release version of Zeus has to offer. We ran into several known (and some unknown) issues of the time, but the gameplay was fast, fun, and furious.

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We hope you enjoy the video!

ARMA 3 is a massive warfare simulation game published by Bohemia Interactive.

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