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Michael Schwartz, 2A Activism in 2022

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2A Motivation Monday

Michael Schwartz
San Diego County Gun Owners
Gun Owners Radio

I posted my notes on our SubStack

Executive Director for San Diego County Gun Owners PAC (SDCGO)
helped launch:
– Orange County Gun Owners
– Riverside County Gun Owners
– San Bernardino County Gun Owners
2020 – co-Host – Gun Owners Radio

RSWC #153 Michael Schwartz
Riding Shotgun With Charlie
1.4K subs

Favorite quotes:
“We’re a community; we’re the Second Amendment community in San Diego.”
“I got bummed out and I thought ‘something has to change’.”
“Being harassed like that, kinda being singled out for exercising a Right, that had an affect.”
“I believe that our organization, our model, is the ounce of prevention.”
“My Second Amendment isn’t the problem.”

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