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Ninja EDC

In General

2A Patch Batch

We take a look at what a ninja carries in his pockets day to day

Top Secret Ninja Video List:

Ninja Glock
When a Ninja needs a Glock ...

Shooting Ninja Glock
How to shoot a Ninja Glock

Ninja AK47
Close look at a Ninja AK47 and tactical accessories

Ninja Bullets
Bullets used by the Ninja

Anti- Ninja Laws
Arizona Hates Ninjas

Ninja vs Desert Eagle .50 Action Express
Ninja could easily disarm someone holding a Desert Eagle

Ninja vs Beretta 92
Ninja could easily disarm someone holding a Beretta 92

Ninja Pistol Technique VERIFIED
Proof that a ninja can take apart a loaded Beretta

Ninja Pistol Technique
Secret Ninja pistol technique exposed

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