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"Ring of Fire" Pistols: Family Tree

In General

Excerpt from "Ring of Fire" Pistols (longer video from our research)
This time we look at the family tree, and how the various "Ring of Fire" Pistol Manufacturers are related and connected.

See more of this story on our full length (30 min) video about the
"Ring of Fire" Pistols

We did some research on a fascinating part of U.S. firearms history, the small, low caliber, inexpensive pistols made by manufacturers in the Los Angeles area who were given the nickname, the "Ring of Fire" companies.
Raven, Jennings, Davis, AMT, Bryco, Lorcin, Phoenix, Cobra and Jimenez are linked in various complex ways to each other through family, business practice or firearm design.

Click Here to download (free) the research from this video:

We share our research on this fascinating and often overlooked aspect of firearms.

No matter how you feel about the guns, the people and companies who built them, the lawsuits and regulation that shaped the industry, the people who bought and use these low end guns, or any other facet of this story.. you'll find new ways to look at these cheap little guns

Explore the history of circumstances that created the market demand for these Saturday Night Specials (made in the US)

Table of Contents:

0:17 Disclaimer
0:28 "Saturday Night Specials"
1:00 "Ring of Fire"
1:21 "Ring of Fire" Map
1:47 "Ring of Fire" chart
4:58 Conclusions

Points to remember:

Who Decides what has a "Sporting Use"?

Defending the "Saturday Night Special" is Defending the right to own a "non-sporting" firearm

"Ring of Fire" Saturday Night Specials

Pistol Buyers Guide

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AgrippaKC’s Gun Time

great job. i know will send people this video when it comes up.

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Surculus 6 years ago

Your graphics are stretched out horizontally: your pic of the .25acp looks like an illustration of the .30 M1 Carbine cartridge! The vest pocket pistols don't look anything like IRL too. Is there any way to turn off the "fit to HD TV 16:9 aspect ratio"?

   1    0
Surculus 6 years ago

WRT to GunTESTs magazine: I was a subscriber briefly back in the '90s. It was a useful and interesting format, and a valuable countervailing force in firearms lit back in those days before the internet really took off. You have to remember that back then, the regular gun rags got specially-vetted examples of test guns, and if they encountered problems, they'd give their advertisers a chance to make good before final publication. GunTESTs, for all its flaws, was buying their guns and giving honest reviews. However, they were *not* unbiased reviewers, nor did they make allowances for minor repairs [what Kel-Tec owners would eventually come to call the "initial fluff & buff," that was required to get the guns to perform reliably.] GunTESTs went on to see great improvement in their reviewing process, but that was long after I'd given up on them.

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Gun Websites
Gun Websites 6 years ago

problems with it being an old video

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