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Ready to Win? - Tactical Quiz 19 (Season Two)

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Tactical Quiz Wednesday
Daily Gun Show Episode 1,358
Tactical Quiz 19 (Season Two)

Wednesday we have some fun, We play our Tactical Quiz and take a look at firearms in Movies, Books, Magazines, Games and now Podcasts, Videos and even Memes

Pre-Game Points for Tonight:
- Guess One of the Games we will play tonight = 10 points
- Guess the YT Channel Member Icon = 5 points (+10 if member)
- Post about Tonight's Tactical Quiz = 10 points
- Have purchased from the GearWebsites store in the month of July or Aug = 10 points

Then we will play 2 or 3 different Tactical Quiz Challenges tonight

Winner takes home loot you will not believe & bragging rights that everyone will envy

Everyone is welcome to play along each week, our Patreons play for cool loot


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