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Red Dawn: 2012 vs 1984

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Red Dawn 1984 vs. 2012

The remake of red dawn is finally in theaters it's been a long time in the making and a lot of us have been looking forward to this new version of the story.

In spite of the mostly poor reviews I decided to watch the new version, and was slightly disappointed.

In this video all give you my initial impression of red dawn 2012 and how it compares to the original 1984 version (the good one)

Since we can't use images or video clips from either movie because of copyright issues, I'll use some footage we took during our visit to Las Vegas, New Mexico which was the setting of the 'town scenes' in the original 1984 version of red dawn.
(A great place to visit near Albuquerque)

As a big fan of the original 1984 version which came out when I was in high school I didn't expect much from this new remake so my hopes were not too high. Even still I expected a bit more from a "red dawn" movie.

One good thing about the new movie is "At least there are no vampires"

This new red dawn 2012 used some of the plot points from the original movie and gave some of the characters the same names so it can technically be called a remake.. but it wandered far from the original

The differences between the two movies made it distracting to watch

The poor acting was also distracting point of annoyance. The younger brother for example who was a key character to the story in the original version was instead a quarrelsome nuisance in this version played by an actor who I have never seen before and hope to never see again

Once the new movie is out on DVD will be possible to watch the two movies side by side to do some comparisons which I think will be interesting, stay tuned for that
And I'm sure we'll do a live chat to discuss the two version point in the future as well

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