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Shooting Ballistics Software 500 meters 5.56x45

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Why use a computer for shooting long distance?
For first strike hits

Horus Vision ballistics software is designed to help you achieve long distance target strikes with the first shot under any condition.

Ultimate accuracy using the Horus Vision ATragMX Ballistics Software which is an accurate targeting calculator.

You enter the information aout factors like;
GPS location
Wind Speed & Direction
Ballistics information about the gun and ammo

Then it calculates an accurate shooting solution
It displays in mils, MOA or clicks.
Users can store custom notes for multiple guns on a portable SD card

Factors the following for long distance shots;
Coriolis and Spin Drift
Ballistic Coef Estimator
Ballistic Coef Interpolation
Multiple Targets
Dual Wind Speeds
Muzzle Velocity Interpolation
Target Speed Estimator
Target Range Estimator
Range Card Generator

Weather information collected with Kestrel 4500NV Horus ATrag Ballistics which can bluetooth (wireless) to the Horus ATrag Ballistics software on a PDA

Yes, there are even ways to mount the PDA on the rifles rails
(But we didn't go that far... yet, LOL)

This system is featured on the Magpul Precision Rifle DVD

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