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Gear Report 17 Apr 2018

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Shooting the Dead Foot Arms MCS AR15 Folding Stock -


Need emergency or survival gear?
Are you stocked up on emergency food?
Medical supplies

Jeff demonstrates the Dead Foot Arms Modified Cycle System (MCS) and T-Rex minimalist stock. Most AR15 folding stocks can not be shot while the stock is folded. The Dead Foot Arms MCS operates the same whether the stock is deployed or folded.

The side charge AR-15 upper receiver is by Gibbz Arms:

Ammo by Defender Ammunition Company

Sorry about the glare... won't film early in the AM from that angle again.
And the microphone appeared to be damaged by the gunfire, the audio sounds pretty bad after the first string of fire. Sorry for the crappy audio after the shooting.
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CocksmanTools 2 years ago

Man if that works it’s a game changer

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