BudgetGunsAndGear 17 Nov 2020

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Shotgun Slug Test- Water Jug Penetration!

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In this shotgun slug test video, I take a look at various 2 3/4" 12 gauge shotgun slugs to see how many water jugs they will penetrate, how much expansion they have, and how much of their mass they retain. I use 5 different slugs- Remington Premier Copper Solid, Winchester XP3, Winchester Deer Season, Browning BXS, and Hornady American Whitetail. With the exception of the Deer Season, they are all hollow point sabot slugs, made either from all copper or a copper exterior bonded to a lead or tin core.

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Credit: Michael Kreitzer
[email protected]
Footage by freestockfootagearchive.com
Static sound by Mike Koenig via Soundbible.com

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