Sig Classic Pistol Frame Disassembly

In General

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This is our Sig Sauer Classic Pistol Disassembly Video.

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Video Index:

Identifying Grip Types - 0:42
Removing Screw in Grip Panels - 1:14
Removing E2 Grips - 2:15
Removing the Takedown Lever - 3:40
Removing the Locking Insert - 4:59
Removing the Slide Catch Lever - 5:51
Removing the Hammer Stop and Hammer Reset Spring - 7:00
Removing the Trigger Bar Spring - 8:41
Removing the Safety Lever - 9:35
Removing the Trigger and Trigger Bar - 10:22
Removing the Sear and Sear Spring - 11:25
Removing the Ejector - 12:38
Removing and Disassembly of the Old Style Hammer Strut Assembly - 13:25
Removing the New Style of Hammer Strut Assembly - 17:04
Removing the Hammer - 17:36
Removing the Decocking Lever - 18:16
Removing the Magazine Catch - 19:21

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