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sM11-A1 .380acp Open Bolt Pistol RPB Industries

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posted in 2012

Quick look at the RPB sM11-A1 open bolt, semi auto .380 acp pistol version of the MAC-11 submachine gun

Ingram MAC-11
Military Armament Corporation, full auto sub gun - (Model 11) M-11 (late 1960's -1972)
RPB Industries - (R. Roby, C. Pitts, & R.W. Brueggemann)
RPB "Overstamp", full auto sub gun - M-11 (early 1970's)
RPB "only", full auto sub gun - M11-A1 (mid 1970's)
RPB semi-auto pistol - sM11-A1 (late 1970's - 1982)
SWD full auto sub gun - M11-A1 (1982- 1986)
SWD semi-auto pistol - SM-12/380 (1982 - 1994)
LEINAD semi-auto pistol - PM-12/380 (1994)

RPB Industries, "S M11-A1" Semi-Auto, Open-Bolt, .380 acp Pistol

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Thor Kill
Thor Kill 2 years ago

The machine guns have been made by the same company that has changed its name over the years. The machine guns are not controlled by great satans atf. There are more powerful forces that control weapons. They are the same people that build them. The aquistion is controlled as is there use.

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