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Gun Websites 15 Sep 2022

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Stump the Chump #2 'the Ocho' - You Ask Me the Questions, And When I Loose You Win

In General

Tonight's Rules of the Game:

You ask Qs,the points are determined by the Moderator, then Applied to Total Score

Host vs Co- Host vs. Audience

If you stump all three, you win = 30 points
If you stump a host = 10 points each

Total Questions = as many questions as we can get through before the Mouse Party

Questions need to be 'within reason' and 'decent'
No weird 9mm trivia or unknown history

Have fun, win big prizes
Patreons & Channel Members win even MORE

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Who will win tonight's "Stump the Chump" Challenge ??
21 votes
We all win, having fun together (38%)
Host = gWebs (33%)
co Host = ?? (19%)
Audience Questions wil Stump Chumps (9%)

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