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Tactical / Survival Shotgun Modifications (2012 past-blast)

In General

2A Patch Batch

This cheap, simple shotgun with just a few simple modifications and additions has been transformed into the ultimate tactical / survival shotgun for extreme ops

Join us as we take the time to do this job right. Learn at the feet of master craftsmen as they precision cut the barrel down to just over 18" and then, using surgical quality instuments, take 3 inches off the stock with delicate care to shorten the overall length to 30".

This is well within the requirements of the 1934 National Firearms Act (1934 NFA) which define a shotgun as having a barrel longer than 18 inches and an overall length of 27 inches

The modified tactical urban survival, emergency defense scatttergun is then wrapped in a desert camouflage wrap and a Spec-Ops sling is attached for rapid deployments and extreme duty

This is a small yet useful firearm for multiple purposes including defense, sport, hunting and signaling

Where we got this Shotgun

Shooting the Tactical / Survival Shotgun

this shotgun project was inspired by two great You Tubers;

Dave at Wilderness Outfitters
The Pathfinder School LLC

and ArtisanTony

Check them out .. here are the vids that helped inspire this mod

Redneck 20 Gauge Modification

21st Century Longhunter Series Shotgun SubCaliber Inserts

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