BudgetGunsAndGear 23 Jun 2019

Taurus Tx22 22lr Review- Super Value 22lr! GUNSTREAMER ONLY VERSION

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In this video, Taurus TX22 22lr Review, we take a look at their newest offering in the .22lr pistol niche. This lightweight .22lr semi-auto pistol packs 16+1 rounds of .22lr, and is a fun and economical way to get some extra range time out of your training budget!

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Credit: Michael Kreitzer

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Canuck 7 days ago

Sweet little handgun even the kids can enjoy! Great review man. Bolshevik Communist Youtube can DIE.
You should also start a channel on Bitchute and upload there too. Not wise to put all your eggs in one basket in these times. Bitchute is a great free speech platform that really needs more variety .. especially gun channels. Get in early and get a following built before the hordes run.
Love gunstreamer too!

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Squib 26 days ago

You lost me a "Glocklike".....

But seriously, I'd come down to Ohio and shoot it. I'll bring the ammo.

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NancyMR 27 days ago

I bought this pistol and I LOVE IT. The trigger is crisp and a pleasure to pull, and 16 rounds of .22 LR means when my arthritis is really bothering me, I can shoot it during action pistol matches instead of my Glock 19. It's accurate and beautiful, and it shot every kind of velocity of .22 LR I used, from CCI Mini Mag to the lowest price lowest FPS bullets. I'm a small senior lady; having THIS pistol in my Get Home Bag with my AR-7 and 500+ rounds of ammo is quite easy to carry and super lightweight, which is one of my first considerations if I have to carry something for a few miles.

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MarineBoar 28 days ago

Dear Sir: From watching your video twice, I think a Wammo Wrist Rocket would be better for plinking. The take up on the trigger you showed seemed to have several jumps. I assume it's not very smooth. What's the weight of the trigger pull ? Does the weight start after the pivot ? Is it a constant weight or like a double action revolver ? From your shooting at 10 yards, I'd say it's a lousy plinker and not suitable for rat, rabbit, 'possum, squirrel or raccoon. May I suggest that you shoot at 25 yards with a rest, if you need one, to show what the pistol is capable of grouping like ? Is it suitable for a weak fingered woman or youth to shoot ? No offense, but you've wasted my time and I expect a cold Dr. Pepper as reparations. After you change your testing, I may be back to look. PS Youtube (Google) is not in favor of advocating firearms, check their latest TOS and what they won't show anymore. You don't have a large enough audience for them to allow your firearms reviews.

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BudgetGunsAndGear 27 days ago

I'm pretty sure that I specifically stated that these results shouldn't be taken as indicative of the pistol's capabilities, but are indicative of MY ability with this pistol. That being said, you are quite correct in your assertion that a rest will give better results- and it's on my "to do" list. I'm plotting a follow up video with a wider variety of ammunition, and intend to use some bags to stabilize the pistol. As far as the Dr. Pepper goes, should you find yourself in NE Ohio, please feel free to reach out- I'll be happy to buy you one.

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MarineBoar 26 days ago

@BudgetGunsAndGear: May I suggest using the cut-off legs from worn out jeans as suitable to use to make sand bag rests...

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BudgetGunsAndGear 26 days ago

@MarineBoar: good tip!

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CajunSwampFox 28 days ago

Mine was a dud. It failed more than it shot. I sent it to Taurus and they finally called me last week after several weeks, Apparently there were some that had bad barrels and they had problems like that. They are replacing the barrel with one that will work and also sending me am upgraded barrel when they come available. I was very disappointed, but it sounds like they are trying to make it right. ....more info to come, when I get it...

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BudgetGunsAndGear 27 days ago

I'm glad it seems they're trying to help you out. Hopefully they make it right for you and you're happy with your pistol.

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Dontpokethebear 28 days ago

I fell in love with my TX 22. It shot every type of ammunition that I tried with the exception of the federal blackbox bulk ammo. I had six failures to feed/eject in the first four magazines. The rest were Remington golden bullets, Aguila hi velocity, Remington viper, Winchester wildcat,Winchester bulk ammunition, both new and old ammunition. The old ammunition was over 20 years old and still went through the gun without a hiccup.

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