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Tiny Revolver Story

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Quick history of the modern Mini Revolvers
Tiny revolvers have been around for a long time. Most of the modern revolvers available today share an interesting history and many interconnections.

Rocky Mountain Arms Corporation
Salt Lake City, Utah
1971 - 1975

Freedom Arms
Freedom, Wyoming
by Wayne Baker & Dick Casull
1978 - 1990

North American Manufacturing Corporation
North American Arms Corporation
1976? - became a subsidiary of Talley Manufacturing (aerospace manufacturing)
Newbury Park, CA
1978 -- moved to Provo, Utah
1984 - moved to Spanish Fork, Utah
North American Arms, Inc
1986 - Talley was acquired by Teleflex Inc
November of 1991 - Sandy Chisholm bought NAA
1994 -- moved to Provo, Utah

Charter Arms (Charter 2000)
Shelton, Connecticut
2002 -- 2011?
Dixie Derringer

BC Engineering
Boje Cornils
BC Special

North American Arms Factory Tour

Revolver Buyers Guide

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