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Ultimate Firearms Collection; Behind the Scenes @ NRA Museum, Library & Archive

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In 2012 we toured the NRA Museum Archives
Our good friend James Yeager helped theHossUSMC and I to gain access to the underground vault below the NRA headquarters in Virginia (Thanks, James)

NRA today. in 2019 is an opportunity
An opportunity to work together to repair an important organization. if we do nothing, standing alone as it burns.. accomplishes nothing in the long game. The NRA has 3 museums full of donated guns. Firearms from US history, ​Then the NRA Library all the books.. I've been in their gun library those books are worth more than the paper and ink, right?

We had the opportunity to meet Doug Wicklund, Senior Curator of the NRA National Firearms Museum at the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia (just outside of Washington D.C.)

Doug showed us the Firearms Library, the Conservation Lab and the Firearms Archives. Thanks to Doug and the NRA for this opportunity to share this 'behind the scenes' look at the NRA Museum's Firearms Collection

NRA National Firearms Museum

(This is a reproduced video with better sound than the first version we posted. Please comment again if your comment was removed when the first video was pulled)

Thanks to Doug and the NRA for their time and consideration and thanks to James Yeager of Tactical Response for his assistance

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