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Weekly 2A Wrap Up - Aug 27th

In General

2A Patch Batch

Difficult Weeks require Real Attention

We get to 'coast' through life most of the time

When you are challenged. instead of being scared, annoyed or offended ... try rising to the occasion and accomplishing objectives

That may require an awareness of the terrain, and knowledge of the players & their 'games' (and these are for each of us to figure out)

We can make those tasks more manageable and together it is possible to discover methods and techniques to master those tasks

This week, many GOOD things happened for 2A, here are a bunch of them:

Check out our posts on the community page:

Episode 058 | No More Ammo for You Comrade, Thunder Down Under, Your Tax Dollars Arming the Taliban
Locked & Loaded Latinos
539 subs

Suicide Prevention Saturday Death and De-escalation
A Great Start Shooting School LLC
93 subs

Solutionary Summit!!
Black Guns Matter
20.4K subs

GunFreedomRadio EP338 How I Carry with Tara Craft
442 subs

John Crump Live Episode 14: 400 ATF Docs With Joe and Dick
Gen5 Glock 17L being imported
Glock Rifle Barrels
John Crump Live
2.7K subs

Amm-Con Announcement
John Crump News
10.2K subs

RSWC #119 Brian Deal
Riding Shotgun With Charlie
1.14K subs

Women for Gun Rights Kelly Ann Pidgeon - August 20 2021
DC Project
250 subs
(the audio is basically torture,
it's a shame because Kelly Ann deserves a better intro, and their series is only on episode 2
I mean, do they even edit or watch/listen to the posted vids?)

Moner August 27 2021

CloverTac should be the Keynote Speaker at AmmCon 2021

Planning a Trip to Dragonman's Military Museum in Colorado Springs, everything you need to know

Machine Gun Shoot 2021
Sept. 18th & 19th!
annual machine gun shoot at Dragonmans

NRA 2021 Canceled!
Santee TV
1.37K subs

Trends in the Gun Culture
Gun Guys Ep. 41 with Massad Ayoob and Ken Hackathorn
Wilson Combat
174K subs

THE AK DREAM | Romanian AKM, RPK, Polish Circle 11 AKM, Serbian ZPAP, Afghanistan Saddle Bag
Kash EDC
3.22K subs

Circle 10 Bulgarian AK-74 Side Folder

Artisan Cutlery Shark 1707G 4" And There Is Also A 1707GS A Gentleman's 3 Inch Knife
Wheeled and Well Armed
1.18K subs

YouTube CEO wins Free Expression Award sponsored by YouTube then boasts how platform censors creator
King Pin
1.13K subs

Shooting Left of Center Podcast
351K subs
What to Fear Next, How Are We About To Loose 2A Now ?!? Find Out LIVE

The Polish Dentist:

Shooting Full Auto PM 63 Polish Machine Pistol

Shooting a Full Auto PM 63 RAK (Ręczny Automat Komandosów) Polish Machine Pistol
Apr 1, 2012

Multi Caliber Revolver, Medusa M-47 Shoots .380 acp, 9mm, 357 magnum, and 25 other calibers
167K subs

Great time to be 2A - Mansplainig 2A
167K subs


Johnny Rowlands Shootin Show 1991 Unknown Date
Johnny Rowlands Shootin Show Archives
866 subs

Johnny Rowlands Shootin Show Unknown Date 1991

3rd thumb

Lot of cool stuff in this episode

2:34 Smith & Wesson 686 .357mag 6-inch barrel
10:08 Speedloaders
14:02 Accidents in the home (NSSF)
14:32 The Best of Guns, Guns, Guns
16:40 Lieutenant Colonel Arthur B. Alphin - Custer's Last Stand
33:14 Gun Owners of America - Luby's Cafeteria
35:54 USPSA
36:23 Colt Enhanced Government Stainless Steel .45acp
48:12 Shooting Times Magazine
48:40 Shadow Concealment Systems holster
50:05 Single Shot .22 rifles for youths
52:40 Lenny McGill 1989 Steel Challenge
57:49 Shotgun News

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