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Weekly 2A Wrap Up - July 22, 2022

In General

2A Patch Batch

This week had some INTERESTING content

One thing I won't even comment on, but in the future we WILL have a conversation about Propaganda & Censorship in 2022 in the near future

Great Week for 2A Activists going above and beyond to show up at testimonials in Washington D.C.

Lots of Training topics this week, on a few different shows

Came up with a few great points this week that are new,and worth addressing in the future

Learning to shoot as a kid, is like learning to swim, or learning to ride a bike .. so how that is different than learning these things as an adult

Great Week for 2A Activists going above and beyond to show up at testimonials in Washington D.C.

We had a great week of videos hit this week too:

Daily Gun Show Episode 1,350

Read our Blog Version of the Weekly 2A Wrap Up

Episode 100 | DDayCobra, Aaargo Jay, The Real NOC, SimonSaysTrain, and Hank Strange
@Locked & Loaded Latinos
1.16K subs

Stogies & Straps Episode 5 with Tangy
@Stogies & Straps
119 subs

Who wants to be part of History?
@A Great Start Shooting School
193 subs

Suicide Prevention Sat - Drugs, Alcohol, & Mental Health

How to find your Pistol Permit Application

Instructor Interview 3GunDi Aka Dianna Muller

Lori Blackwell Illinois State Director
@DC Project
1.3K subs

VCDL Online General membership meeting with special guest Jared from Guns and Gadgets!
Jul 21, 2022
@Virginia Citizens Defense League
6.17K subs

GET OFF MY LAWN! Podcast 114: Let's Talk About TRAINING
@Sandhills Media
2.05K subs

Toby on the

Almost Nightly Firearms Expo 170 2A BOOK CLUB
Glock: The Rise of America's Gun

Tuesday Night Live With GunWebsites
1.88K subs

Mr. Saturday Night Special on This Old Gun with #RussellDoel from Cape Gun Works
@Cape GunWorks
5.56K subs

Mark Novak Shoots The M14
@nightstryke 1
1.07K subs

Laser solution for your BAI embroidery machine
@Owl & Anchor Customs
200 subs

The Overnight #38: More Supreme Court Musings.
@D.M. Faas
1.24K subs

Assault Weapons Ban Explained
@Gun Owners of America
107K subs

Sunday Night Mouse Party
@D.M. Faas
1.24K subs

Man's Best Friend

Gun Owners Radio (Live)
@Gun Owners Radio
2.48K subs

BREAKING NEWS: Investigative Report on Uvalde Shooting Released
@Come And Talk It
176 subs

Learn How to Stop the Bleed

Eye on the Target Radio 7/17/2022
@Polite Society Podcast
2.11K subs


Became a Navy SEAL Not Knowing How to Swim | Actor | Terminal List | Remi Adeleke Combat Story Ep 83
@Combat Story
70.2K subs

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