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Weekly 2A Wrap-Up - Sept 9, 2022

In General

2A Patch Batch

Daily Gun Show episode 1,385
Another week of loss personally
We are an evolving community, value what you can provide while you are able.
Nothing is guaranteed nor obligated

Senate back HR 1808
Four Colorado AWB have been challenged
19 States & DC file an Amicus Brief
FBI forces people to Waive Their Gun Rights

Sept 10th

- Diversity Shoot
Sept 15th
The Heritage Guild
Easton PA

- Dragonman's 30th annual Machine Gun shoot
Sept 17 and 18th

- Diversity Shoot
September 28th
Union Hill Gun Club
Monroe NJ

- Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC)
Sept 30th - Oct 2

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Episode 104 | The Speech That Will Live in Infamy
@Locked & Loaded Latinos
1.27K subs

Sociology of Guns Class Field Trip to the Gun Range, Year 8 (Light Over Heat #37)
@Light Over Heat with Professor David Yamane
1.49K subs

How to REPEAL Republican Backed Gun Control
@Gun Owners of America
112K subs

ASA Suppressor Policy Update - August 2022
@American Suppressor Association
2.34K subs

Gun Makers Match Organizer Rob Pincus Updates Us on the 'Ghost Gun' Kit Ban | Full Podcast
@The Reload
2.44K subs

VCDL Live "Ask a Virginia gun lawyer" meeting
@Virginia Citizens Defense League
6.16K subs

NOW: Pistol Brace Amnesty?! Is ATF Banning All Braced Pistols? Is Biden Making Anime Real?
@Fudd Busters
38.2K subs

Pistol Brace Amnesty What Does That Really Mean to You?
@Washington Gun Law
73.8K subs

YouTube ❌ Banned ❌ My Firearm Video for a Child Safety Policy Violation
@GunTuber Academy
140 subs

Saturday Evening Chats #116
420 subs

Wednesday Night Mouse Party #23

Bill Whittle on RapidFire Radio! Join us Wednesdays at 4PM EST at
@Cape GunWorks
5.7K subs

Open Source Defense
@Gun Owners Radio
2.67K subs


OG Pumpkin podcast episode 11
@Ranger Cortes
14.7K subs

Episode 12 OG Pumpkin podcast

Female Engagement Team/Cultural Support Team, Combat Camera, Mil Journalist | Amy Forsythe | Ep. 161
@The Team House
52.5K subs

USMC Officer Leading in Combat | Battle-Test Leadership Expert | Joe McNamara
@Combat Story
78.9K subs


Charlie Cook talks 2A Activism LIVE - Riding Shotgun with Charlie

Firearm Museums
There are excellent Firearm Museums all over the USA.
Here are some that we have visited

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