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Weekly 2nd Amendment Update - Feb 10, 2023

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Daily Gun Show Episode 1,490
“Learning how to win 2A” - Tony Simon

Arizona HB2332 = 1 hour of Firearm Safety Training for grades 6-12 in all Public, Private and Charter Schools. = passed the House 8-7
Florida HB 543 Constitutional Carry
25 States sue ATF w/ FRAC, SB, B&T, Richard Cicero
North Dakota HB1339 Constitutional Carry restricts the rights of visitors from out of state

Puerto Rico Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society

John Lott speaks at the Maryland General Assembly to oppose SB1

SB 25 Feinstein 'Assault Weapon' Ban

Handguns you can own in Massachusetts

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NFOA Rally At The Capital, 01.26.2023

Sisters In Arms - A firearm Strory #6. The Importance of firearm education! Hosts Kerrie Ann & Renee

In Defense of The 2nd Amendment (Larry Correia Interview)

The Liberal Gun Club- Live

Second Amendment Rally 2023

ATF Targeted Veteran
Unconstitutional 2A Prosecution of Tate Adamiak

GET OFF MY LAWN! Podcast #131: Let's Talk EDC

Russ has a Winchester 1897 shotgun on this episode of This Old Gun

A Cop's Advice on the ATF Pistol Brace Ban

We Welcome Hyperion To The Show | The Armed Citizen Podcast LIVE 278

Wednesday Night Live Chat #51 Back From The Great American Outdoor Show

22 Mag Folding Revolver | 5-shot Switch Gun

Stogies & Straps Episode Six w/Peter Wakem

OSD 206: The third place

OSD 207: The FAL is coming from inside the house

2023 season of the CloverTac Podcast

NAA made top 5 seller on

July 28th - July 30th NAAGA will host its first ever National Convention


2/5/23: Latest On The ATF's Brace Ban

Ranger K9 Handler Julian McDonald | Mike Ritland Podcast Episode 125

Shortwave: The Warlord's Radio

Too many tortoises need help finding their forever homes!

3D Drawing Adventures in Blender

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