UGETube and GUNSTREAMER Agree to Merge

UGETube and GUNSTREAMER agree to merger creating powerful free-speech alliance

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August 20, 2018


UGETube and GUNSTREAMER agree to merger creating powerful free-speech alliance

On August 18, 2018, UGETube and GUNSTREAMER successfully concluded negotiations to merge the companies. “Effective immediately, the two platforms will begin sharing technology which will reduce the overall cost of operations and enhance satisfaction for both viewers and content creators alike,” said Sam Robinson, UGETube’s co-founder and co-owner stated. “This is a very good fit and we welcome the GUNSTREAMER Team.”

GUNSTREAMER’s owners and staff will join in the effort to deploy the company’s broader vision known as UGEWorld. UGEWorld is a series of advanced interconnected social media websites that seek to preserve Constitutional values and capture audiences excluded by FaceBook, YouTube, or others. UGEMart, an Amazon style marketplace, is UGEWorlds next website launch.

GUNSTREAMER’s founder Austin Roberts commented, “We are delighted to join the UGEWorld team. Our collective vision to serve the 1st & 2nd Amendment community by leveraging our skills and our passion for freedom is becoming a reality. In this case, we really do have a two, plus two, equals five scenario. In the coming months, our collective audiences will experience a bounty of freedom enhancing social media tools, and products and services because of this merger. May God bless the USA.”

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Jeremy Beaver
Jeremy Beaver 5 years ago
So does this mean one platform vs the other or will they still be independent sites?
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