YouTube cracks down on firearms videos.

YouTube bans instructional firearm videos

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Ashley Jones

YouTube has tightened its restrictions on firearms videos.

The video sharing giant is not only banning gun-making instructional videos, it is also prohibiting videos that promote sales of firearmes.


For many gun-rights supporters, YouTube has been a haven. A current search on the site for “how to build a gun” yields 25 million results, though that includes items such as toys. At least one producer of gun videos saw its page suspended on Tuesday. Another channel opted to move its videos to an adult-content site, saying that will offer more freedom than YouTube. - Bloomberg

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StampedePrime 4 years ago
I'm just hoping that all gun videos come to this site or It is sad that Youtube will lose its viewers. They are following the same path as Dick's sporting good and look at them now, they are going broke.
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Pocono Tactical
Pocono Tactical 3 years ago

City People...

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 3 years ago

I hear ya there or as we say “Boy Howdy

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