Custom 'Thunder 5' Shotgun Revolver

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We take a look at the "Das BC" a custom made improved version of the Thunder Five
Made by BC Engineering

The Thunder Five is a .45 colt / .410 shotgun five (5) shot revolver made in Tennessee
It was made throughout the 1990's

Boje Cornils was hired on to improve the design and set up the tooling to produce these new .45 colt & .410 shotgun revolver, but demand never brought his improved model into full production

Maybe now with the popularity of the Taurus 'Judge' and Smith & Wesson 'Governor' demand might be there to bring these to market finally

Only a handful (5 or 6) of these exist, so it was obviously an honor to get to look at Dotti's personal gun and get to talk with Boje about his improvements to it.

Thanks to Dotti and Boje for sharing this one with us

See the video explaining their role with the AA-12 full auto shotgun

AA-12 Full Auto 12g Shotgun

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