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Giulio Fiocchi worked for a bank in 1876 in Milan, Italy. When he was sent to collect on a loan given to a manufacturer of black powder and muskets in Lecco, Giulio researched the situation and determined it was not possible for the borrower to repay. Upon returning to Milan, Giulio was consumed with thoughts of getting into the ammunition manufacturing business. And after proposing the idea to his brother Giacomo and convincing the bank to lend them money to purchase the insolvent company, it was official. By the next year, they began manufacturing ammo.

Fiocchi first focused on ammunition for sporting and hunting, but during World War I, they produced ammo for the Italian army. The factory was seized in World War II and later destroyed by Allied bombing.

The Fiocchi family rebuilt their factory after the war, with the latest in advanced design and technology. This modern rebuild enabled Fiocchi to manufacture the most advanced ammunition available at the time. Marketing this new and improved ammo to a broader audience began with partnerships. They entered into a short-lived agreement with Smith & Wesson in the 1950s. Later the Fiocchi brand returned to the United States in 1983, but to Missouri this time, where they laid the foundation for a plant that now manufactures practically all Fiocchi ammunition sold in America.

Today, Fiocchi still sits on the cutting edge of high-quality ammunition production, all of which has a deserved reputation as some of the best available. The company sells shotgun shells for competition and competitors at the world-class level, they continually refine and expand their already inclusive line of centerfire ammunition, and they also manufacture NATO spec-certified ammunition. But the innovation doesn't end there. Cyalume Chemtracer shotgun shells, the Canned Heat product line, Cowboy Action Line and the Tundra Rifle line are proof of how Fiocchi keeps a finger on the pulse of the ammunition market and anticipates future trends.

Fiocchi has a strong history, and is clearly committed to continue improving their influence and reputation among American sporting shooters.

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