Firearm Inventors Playing Card Decks

In General

the Third gun websites playing card deck, and another firearms related playing card deck, from GearWebsites

The theme this time is Firearms inventors , and we're hoping to change the game up a bit and have fun with this one

Of course the end result will be a deck of 2A cards
a full deck of 52 poker size, well made cards with each card featuring a prominent Firearms inventor, with information on: when they lived, their inventions, the Firearms they created, any companies they may have started, and who they worked with. We will also include any other interesting information we discover in our research

In addition to the finished deck, we will create the cards live on or YouTube and invite anyone who is interested in participating, to a conversation about the inventor and their inventions, while we create the artwork and lay out the card design

When that's all over we'll leave that long video up, so those conversations will be out there for each of the cards we create that way. Will post those conversations on and GunStreamer and UtgTube

Next, we will speed up the video of that card creation process, like you see here, and post a 2nd, shorter version of the creation of the art in this way, as almost an animation.
Just because it's fun , and maybe it'll catch someone's eye who might not have otherwise been interested in 2nd Amendment history

So, together with anyone interested in partcipating, we will create a series of videos for each of the inventors we include in the deck

In this way the project will be an evolution of our past decks, but the end result is a deck of cards, and we have some experience printing by now.. so

Our goal is to print 1000 decks, which will allow us to print in Dallas TX, where the old west Guns cards were printed

This will not be easy, our reach isnt that large anymore, so please help share the project, together we can easily get these decks printed in the USA

We would like to thank everyone who helps support our online efforts through your participation in projects like this one

Please grab a deck if you're interested and able, and please share the project with anyone you might think would find these clever, interesting or maybe even usefull

We are creating another 2A deck of cards which brings Firearms history to life in a new way

Flash cards for learning our 2nd Amendment history, and they might help make your next magic trick or poker game one to remember

These will certainly compliment our last deck, the Old West Guns playing Card Decks

We look forward to creating the deck with you, and seeing the finished decks out there with our friends


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