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GAT Guns, Illinois Gun Shop

In General

GAT GUNS has public indoor pistol and rifle ranges.
970 Dundee Avenue, East Dundee, IL 60118
(847) 428-4867

Pistol - 24 lanes at 25 yards.
Rifle - 14 lanes at 50 yards and 14 lanes at 75 yards

GAT GUNS serves North Eastern Illinois communities for sport shooters and hunters by providing a large selection of firearms, ammunition, accessories, and training. Our professional staff collectively has over a hundred years of experience in different disciplines of sport shooting. GAT Guns strives to make our customers safe, responsible, educated shooters.

GAT GUNS was founded in 1979 by Gregory A. Tropino, GAT are his initials. Greg had a longtime interest in guns, hunting, and shooting. He was a competitor in BullsEye Pistol for many years. The first location was in Hanover Park Illinois, where Greg bought out a small store called Hazels' Gun Shop. In 1989, Greg moved the store to its current location. He bought a building that was once a restaurant called Aunt Kate Fischer's. Greg added the three eight position pistol ranges by adding on to the building. On the second floor he added the archery department with an indoor archery range. Inside the main entrance was the fishing department and ammo sales area and access to the range.

After more than a year of planning, 2012 brought a new level of expansion as construction began on the new addition which would more than double the size of the building. The new addition houses five new ranges; two 50 yard and two 75 yard indoor high power rifle ranges with seven shooting points in each range and an eleven position dedicated training range. The total number of shooting points in the facility is 63, making it the largest privately owned indoor shooting facility in the country. GAT's training facility, with a classroom which can hold 100 people or be split into two rooms, holds classes for beginners as well as advanced shooters. On the first floor in the front is a new receiving/shipping and storage area. GAT has an elevator for access to the second floor for customers with special needs. The parking lot has more than doubled and has lighting and security.

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