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Glock Chat #1 (Haters & Kool-Aid Drinkers) It's All Glock Talk

In General

Glock Chat #1
Streamed live on Dec 6, 2012
Haters & Kool-Aid Drinkers welcome
It's all Glock talk tonight

We had a great conversation about Glocks this evening we were joined by an all star group of You Tube channels for this discussion




Military Arms Channel


0:09 Welcome to Glock Chat
1:10 Introductions
2:10 Yankee's First Impressions with Glock
5:30 Tex's First experience with Glock
8:56 NeverEnuffAmmo's First Impressions with Glock
11:54 Gwebs First Impressions with Glock
14:45 Yankee agrees with Tex
15:00 Guns vs. Cars / Use vs. Like
17:00 Military Arms Channel Joins us
18:08 MAC's First Impressions with Glock
18:40 MAC's "go to" pistols Glock 26, S&W Shield, XDs
20:30 Baby Glocks
20:52 TheHossUSMC joins us
21:15 Hoss' first Glocks
21:55 Glock Malfunctions
23:10 We (the 6 of us in the chat) have more Glocks than some gun shops !!
23:30 More Glock Malfunctions
24:34 What do we Hate about Glocks?
24:50 - What Yankee Hates about Glocks
25:11 - What Gweb's Hates about Glocks
25:45 - What TheHoss Hates about Glocks
27:37 - What NEA Hates about Glocks
28:44 - What Tex Hates about Glocks
29:50 - What MAC Don't like about Glocks
33:00 - How Glock made a gun for .40 s&w before Smith & Wesson could
34:00 - DanielJosephTV
"Glocks were revolutionary from the late 80's to mid 00's but they're being passed by better designs. In the history of firearms a 15 year run is barely noticeable. I personally prefer metal framed guns (M9, 226, 1911) to polymer guns. I also like DA/SA or SA over Striker fire as it's easier for me to shoot."
41:48 - What do you guys change on your Glocks?
51:00 - What did you guys think an "All Glock Chat" would cover
51:50 - Reloads & Glocks
55:45 - Glock 25 .380 acp
58:36 -

How The Glock Became America's Weapon Of Choice
Aired on Jan 24, 2012

1:01:05 - Glock a "fad" ??
1:06:11 - Looking forward to World Peace
1:07:22 - Why the XDm ?? we go on about that for a while..
1:09:51 - Introductions (again)

1:10:25 - joeboo1000
"Personal preference aside, why would you buy a Glock over an M&P? And just to clarify, they may not be a reason. I personally feel they sit together at the top of the polymer framed, striker pistol market and personal preference is what should guide your decision. That said, if you had a reason, I'd love to hear it."

1:24:28 - Early history of Glock (from the book)
1:28:32 - The Hoss wants $1,000 Glocks.. "I don't care" he says..
1:30:10 - Glock Carbine
1:32:00 - 'SBR'ing a Glock
Turning a Glock into a Short Barrel Rifle

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Streamed live on Dec 6, 2012

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