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Kore Essentials Belt Review and GUNSTREAMER ONLY Giveaway! Leave a Comment!

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Heres' my take on the Kore Essentials belt for concealed carry- the Trakline system. These sturdy belts are a comfortable way to tote your gear without sagging. They are a perfect EDC belt, not only because of the rugged construction but also because they are incredibly adjustable. The Trakline belt system lets you make adjustments on the fly with ease.
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Credit: Michael Kreitzer

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SouthpawRx 3 years ago

Looks like a quality piece. Would love to try it out! I've been using a nylon style belt and wanted to try a reinforced leather belt.

   1    0
neves 3 years ago

Very versatile and I want one lol

   1    0
djh480 3 years ago

I have been using the leather belt for about 8 months. Great belt I use it on a daily and still stiff as if brand new. The leather is nice if you have to wear dress pants for work. The tactical belt looks nice!

   1    0
thebigderf 3 years ago

As a bigger guy it’s hard to find a belt that fits properly. Looks like this would do the trick.

   1    0
Calaveras32Spcl 3 years ago

Sounds like a great belt. I had been looking at metal core, but this may be better for it wont set off metal detectors at events.

   1    0
BudgetGunsAndGear 3 years ago

You're absolutely right. I have a Bigfoot leather steel core gun belt and it sets off a metal detector every time I go through it while wearing it.

   0    0
DustinOgle217 3 years ago

Love the trakline idea! Good review!

   1    0
NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 3 years ago

Awesome belt, leather and in my favorite color to boot.

   1    0
victoday 3 years ago

Appreciate your thorough reviews!

   0    0
hotrat33 3 years ago

Thanks for the review. I've been looking for a new belt because I'm growing out of my old Nexbelt. Can't resize in reverse, lol. Love to have that new K.E.. Keep up the good work!

   1    0
BudgetGunsAndGear 3 years ago

CONGRATS HOTRAT33! You WON! Shoot me an email at budgetgunsandgear@gmail.com so I know where to send it!

   0    0
Patriot InTheDark
Patriot InTheDark 3 years ago

I finally just swapped out to a new black leather belt. My first lasted a year and a half without getting too banged up. Love my Kore Essentials

   2    0
Jackr 3 years ago

Been using mine for at least 6 months. Love that quick adjustment to make it fit just so.

   1    0
DanDuhManGarcia 3 years ago

That’s cool. I could use something like that. And it’s big enough to. Count me in on the GAW

   1    0
wminer 3 years ago

I need a new edc belt! I'll wait maybe get lucky and win this one!
Best to ya',,,,!

   1    0
BudgetGunsAndGear 3 years ago

Lol! You actually UNsubbed! :D

   0    0
Tim Hruby
Tim Hruby 3 years ago

Sweet belt awesome videos

   2    0
TwistedMetalsOfTexas 3 years ago

Looks like a great belt was just curious about the release button I am a hefty guy and was wondering if the button bit into your gut when sitting? Anyhow great review and thank you

   1    0
BudgetGunsAndGear 3 years ago

It doesn't get in MY way, but YMMV.

   0    0
TX_OldGuy1776 3 years ago

Thanks for the review and after having worn my KORE essentials belts for the past seven or eight months, I fully agree with your assessment. They are solid, comfortable, very adjustable, and durable. Mine has worn extremely well even though I am pretty rough on my EDC rig. I really appreciate how adjustable It is, especially since I am one of those guys with a “tactical shelf” which can otherwise make wearing my gear uncomfortable after a typical 12 -14 hour day every day.

   1    0
RowCall 219
RowCall 219 3 years ago

I win.

   1    0
Grandpadew 3 years ago

Thanks for the lead to this site..looking forward to finding some new content here....and yeah the possibility of a new belt looks very interesting.

   1    0
gun loving grandpa
gun loving grandpa 3 years ago

Great video budget.I had my belt for over a year now and the only wear I got is on the belt buckle.I don't have the tactical one yet

   1    0
Scott_F 3 years ago

Good work....Nice GAW....Good stuff....

   2    0
TheVillageIdiot 3 years ago

Keep up the great work.

   2    0
CloverTac Productions
CloverTac Productions 3 years ago

send me my belt! the Kore stuff is awesome

   1    0
Dramsberetta 3 years ago

Boom! Thanks again for the video and opportunity to win the belt. Keep the videos coming.

   1    0
signedby39 3 years ago

great review, i like how they adjust

   1    0

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