Red Dawn 33yr Anniversary

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On the 33rd anniversary of the best movie ever made being released, we walk around the city of Las Vegas, New Mexico

We take a look at the billboard that says Calumet says howdy where the Great Plains meet the mighty Rockies. A billboard that was painted in 1983 for the movie and then redone in 2005 for the town

Then we walk over to Murphy's drug store which is now a bank. The Epic scene where the guy's go into town for the first time to see what's up and ask to buy some toothbrushes. The girl looks up and says you guys got to get out of town in the Communist Patrol is walking around the upper level of the drugstore... That's this store

Then we walk down the street and around the corner to see the park where one of the last scenes of the movie is filmed when the brothers died

Then we walk over to the intersection where the Chinese American friendship Center was blown up one of the best scenes of the movie. None of those buildings exist anymore but we found out where and how it all happened from the towns Welcome Center in 2012

Then we walk down the street a little further to the old railroad station Hotel where are some of the scenes with the Communists were filmed as well as one of the final shootouts

That's all we take a look at in this walk around the town. But in future videos we're going to take a look at the store where the guys load up on their way out of town for the first time.

And I found the spot where Aardvark holds his AK-47 in the air and yells Wolverines on Google Maps, so we'll be taking a look at that as well and future video

Stay tuned to the Gun Show loophole tour for more Adventures

Thanks to everyone who participates, collaborates and all who help fund our projects

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