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Hank Strange 06 Aug 2019

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5 Things I'm willing to Give Up For A Safer America

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5 Things I'm willing to Give Up For A Safer America


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The Hank Strange Situation :

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RobertM 11 months ago

Good video. Guns save lives and those records and facts are there for everyone to see. The media lie that guns only take lives has gone on long enough. They never show guns used to stop crime that far outnumber those used to commit crimes. The problem is not gun control its people control. What I think is this.


This was my comment to the above video.

"Gun control only disarms the public, not criminals. The nightmare of gun control Chicago where folks can't defend themselves from armed criminals is not the solution. In fact its against the law. Criminals will always get guns and they don't go to a store and buy them like law abiding citizens do. The solution is people control, not gun control that is proven not to work. Gun control has never stopped any criminal from getting a gun and committing a crime because they don't follow the laws. All the generations that have come before never did at least on the scale of what they are doing today. So something is wrong with society that needs to be addressed and corrected. God, guns, and guts made America and those are being eliminated. Folks have no God, no morals, and no value of human life. This should not surprise anyone. You cannot remove the traditional family and God's moral laws from society without paying a price. America is paying the price. You can teach laws in school all you want but God, morality, and the value of human life must be taught at home first. The false doctrine of evolution and man creating God and adding the failed doctrine of socialism/communism has ruined America. There is a big spiritual hole running right through the heart of folks that can only be filled with God. While only focusing on the body, society completely ignores the needs of the human spirit. If these spiritual problems of society are not corrected then the killings will continue.


My concern for Red Flag laws is the arbitrary confiscation of arms without Constitutional due process law and the privacy rights under the 4th Amendment law. If Red Flag laws can be made without breaking these laws then that is different. The laws cannot be broken. Either we live by Constitutional law or we don't and if we don't its the law of the wild west and the jungle."


Similar reply to the above video.

"Everyone knows or should know that shootings are used by the commies to promote their commie agenda to curtail or end lawful Constitutional rights of liberty in the media and by politicians. They want to feed the flames and whip everyone up into a frenzy. We see it time and again. They will blame Trump for everything. We also know or should know that statistically guns used to stop crime are far higher than guns used to commit crime but you will not see any of that in the commie run media. Guns are not the problem. People are the problem. Gun control is not the solution as seen in the nightmare of gun control Chicago. People control is the solution and always has been but people control that does not violate Constitutional rights under the 4th Amendment and due process. The problem with Red Flag laws are arbitrary confiscation that violates Constitutional rights of the 4th Amendment and due process. Arbitrary confiscation is a fact with documented cases that can be seen in Red Flag laws already in some States. No Red Flag laws unless they contain clear language upholding due process and the 4th Amendment. We cannot have laws that violate or break existing laws. Such laws are illegal or unlawful and should be considered illegitimate.


Legislators and leaders at all levels of government should be fair warned that if they vote for bills to violate the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights including the 2nd Amendment that they will lose my vote no matter what party they belong to. I will not vote for them. I will hold them accountable to the national law that they swore an oath to uphold and defend. I will not give up my unalienable Creator God given right to defend my life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness as per the Declaration of Independence whether there is a 2nd Amendment or not."

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 11 months ago

Very, very well said

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