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Hank Strange 19 Jul 2019

The Hank Strange Situation - Hank Strange

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Forged From Freedom Yankee Marshall #endhankstrange By Testifying Against Themselves!?!

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Forged From Freedom Yankee Marshall #endhankstrange By Testifying Against Themselves!?!


Watch FFF & YM Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYGA7vTMuuE

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"Your evidence raises some interesting questions:

1.You say that PayPal froze your account almost three months ago. Hank has been promoting your shirts in your own words for over two and a half years and has only been paid $56 in that time according to your spreadsheet shown roughly at 11:52. Is it your position that the rest of his commission was earned in the past three months? If not, why has he not been paid his commission as he earned it?

2.Why does the report shown at 12:28 have a significantly higher sales figure for Hank than your homemade spreadsheet? That alone seems pretty shady.

3.You are crediting yourself $90 for Patreon contributions. Was making commission payments through Patreon agreed upon by Hank?

4.You claimed that he was lying when he said he was trying to get paid by you for weeks, yet your own text messages show that you promised to send him a check on 6/21, but you didn't. On 6/28, you promised him that you'd send him a check on Monday July 1st, but you didn't. You are now saying that you sent him a check on July 15th, and that's clearly only after he made the video about you. How is that not trying to get his money from you for weeks? That's giving you the benefit of the doubt that he hadn't asked to get paid before that since text messages prior to that weren't shown.

5.You bring up the fact that Amazon stopped allowing you to sell on June 18th. Why are commissions that were earned by creators for sales on your website somehow locked up in your Amazon store, and how does that relate to commissions earned prior to June 18th?

6.What other creators are owed money earned from prior to PayPal and Amazon shutting you down?

7.Are the charities that some of your t-shirt sales were claimed to support also behind in payments?

8.Why did Subaru file a trademark infringement claim against you as it says in the email from Amazon you showed roughly at 6:50? Why did Image Club Limited file a counterfeit claim against you as it says in the email from Amazon you showed? You say it's for BS reasons, but your emails show that Amazon warned you starting about 6 weeks before they shut you down. Can you share the designs claimed so we can see that their claims are BS?

9.You act as if Hank's brand wasn't contributing to your SEO in the first place, but you literally use Hank's trademarked name in the links that you're claiming are yours to keep using because of SEO. You're clearly trying to siphon sales from people searching for Hank Strange t-shirts to your own shop, which is why the landing pages are even called "HS Legacy."聺 It's shady to do that with generic links, but it is legally tenuous to actually use his trademarked name in the links to do the same."聺


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