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Published on Jul 10, 2012

I found the new video from SilencerCo to be not only informational and educational but also inspirational

The ASA meeting with the ATF & Congress

"On June 20th and 21st, the American Silencer Association sent six delegates to Martinsburg, West Virginia and Washington, DC to meet with the NFA Bureau of ATF and various Congressmen about your suppressor rights."

I would urge anyone who feels 'things could be better' to watch their video and learn from their example of doing something towards making a difference, then sharing their efforts with anyone else interested in the cause

This video is made by SilencerCo, for the American Silencer Association.

SilencerCo and ASA decided to spend their time effort and money to do something toward positive change. they documented their visits to the NFA branch of the ATF, and some members of Congress.

Their video illuminates some negative facets of the current process raises some legitimate concerns
BUT, most importantly, in my opinion, it sets an example of what some individuals can accomplish when motivated to do so

Unlike so many who are willing simply shake their fists at the sky, complain, and all but encourage others to simply give up on the process.. These six people; saw the problem, decided to do something, gathered their resources, did what they could, documented it, and shared it with us here..

I am honored to know some of the guys from SilencerCo.

These guys lead the way, please enjoy their video

The ASA meeting with the ATF & Congress

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