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Tactical Power Point Ninjas

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Gun Websites Tactical Operator Sit-Rep Firearms Presentations 2009-2013

We have been using the Power Point & Screen Capture for getting firearms information across for 4 years now

Here are some of the best Presentations we've offer to date:

Green Berets; Special Forces vs. "Special Ops"

AR15 Zero: Introduction

AK47 Laws & 922(r) Compliance

National Firearms Act (1934)

9 Big Gun Channels on You Tube

5 Largest Gun Channels on You Tube Compared

"Ring of Fire" Saturday Night Specials

AK47 "Krink" Overview

M-4 Carbine vs. M-16

"Ring of Fire" Pistols: Family Tree

4 Points on "Stand Your Ground" Laws

AK47 Pistols Compared / Reviewed

Buying Bulk .22lr Ammo Online

Last *LIVE* Gun Game Show

TheHossUSMC $1,600 AR15 Build Challenge

AK47 Ammo in the USA 7.62x39

Anti-Gun Congressman; William J. Hughes

Got Glock ? Quick Glock History

Tactical Operator Sit-Rep Firearms Presentation Playlist

Firearms Buyers Guide

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