Final Channel Update as of 2/7/22. Well I have not been able to post videos to my channel for over a year. I don’t know why, the videos just won’t upload. All I get is “video processing this may take a few minutes “ we’ll never happens. After 5 different attempts at contacting GunStreamer admin to find out why I still don’t know. GunStreamer admin has NEVER responded to my emails. From what I can gather the only videos on this platform anymore are videos brought over from others YouTube channels. Since I am not on YouTube I guess that is the end of my Channel. I do appreciate all the subscribers I have and had as well as all the great comments. I said on the channel intro that I was doing this for fun and I did. I thought about going to a different platform but just didn’t and I won’t post again on YouTube. I had a good time doing this. I will leave the channel open until “They” take it down. Thanks again and god bless. Steve aka “NCGunGuy”

Retired 22 year Navy Veteran, avid motorcyclist and gun enthusiast. Channel is about guns, gear, building, anything and everything of interest to me. Any and all reviews are of a non biased opinion. Had just started posting on my channel on YouTube as “Harleyrider123” days before gun rule changes a couple years ago. Decided to go to the gun tube with same channel name. unfortunately they didn’t make it but they recommended GunStreamer. So here I am as NC Gun Guy.