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Meeting USNERDOC You Tube Legend

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It is a lot of fun to meet (in person) the people we watch on You Tube.
One of our long time favorite channels has been USNERDOC and we finally had the chance to meet at SHOT Show 2012.

This is a few minutes with the camera running on our second meeting, and we had the pleasure to meet up with him and Mrs USNERDOC again the next day to talk for a bit again before they left for home.

If you have the chance to say hello to "the Doc" at one of the shows he attends with AMP-3 or perhaps at a HAM radio event you will not be disappointed, He is as friendly, knowledgeable and good natured as he is in his videos.

Seeing new guns and gear is fun, but meeting the Doc was truly a pleasure and really made the trip a special one this year.

Of course TheHossUSMC attended the show with us this year and he and the Doc hit it off very well (as you might expect)

Check out the interview with Hoss from USNERDOC:

USNERDOC You Tube Channel

AMP-3 . . .The Austere Medical & Practical Preparedness Project

Stay tuned to our channel and TheHossUSMC for many more videos in the days and weeks to come from the SHOT Show 2012 at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada


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