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We talked with Tony Rumore, who runs Tromix Firearms at his shop outside Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Published on Nov 16, 2012

Founded in 1999 by owner Tony Rumore, Tromix has quickly become the most dominant force in Saiga rifle and shotgun customization.

"Regardless... Entertainment is our main objective.

The Tromix Corporation was founded by Tony Rumore to simply build quality firearms and accessories for recreational purposes. It is commonly overlooked that most all of the rounds ever fired in the lifetime of a firearms enthusiast are simply for "fun"."
- Tony Rumore

Tromix Saiga shotgun customization transforms an ordinary hunting shotgun into a dynamic tactical tool.

The Basic Fixed stock conversion consists of the following:
- SAW pistol grip installed
- Rear of receiver re-machined to the correct angle.
- Receiver back-plate Tig welded in place.
- Safety selector stop welded in place.
- Tromix trigger guard welded in place.
- Left over trigger axis pins welded up.
- U.S. fire control components installed.
- Gas block aligned as-required.
- Install Fixed Tromix or Ace stock.
- Mod magwell for 8/10rd magazines.
- Tune Extractor and Extractor Bbl Relief.
- Sand blast with aluminum oxide media.
- Refinish with black bake-on Norrell Moly Resin.

Tromix Micro-12 gauge
UZI size
Reliability of an AK-47
Knockdown power of a 12 gauge
10 round capacity
8" barrel, HK battle sights, and a Tromix shark brake door breacher

ATF Paperwork; Building Short Shotgun w/ Tromix

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Published on Nov 16, 2012

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