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Nighthawk Custom 1911 Factory Tour

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We recently had a chance to meet up with the guys from Nighthawk Custom, and talked with them about their high end 1911 pistols as we toured their facilities in northwestern Arkansas.

Nighthawk Custom

Chris Costa who runs many Nighthawk guns, recommended we visit, and I am glad he did.
Seeing how Nighthawk Custom undertakes the task of building such a diverse product line of high end products was a treat, something I'm glad we have the opportunity to share. It is easy to ignore products that carry a higher price tag when comparing options at the store, so seeing what is behind a product is something worth checking out

We talked about how using a forging instead of using casting tends to wear out cutting tools faster, but that results in a better finished product, which demands a higher price. Carving a receiver from a forged part demands skilled craftsmen and accurate tools.

From top quality materials to cutting edge machinery and dozens of master craftsman it's easy to understand why these Nighthawk Custom pistols are so sought after.
Nighthawk has grown from its roots, back at Wilson Combat located nearby, to an innovative company with a strong reputation for quality dependability and good customer service.

After talking with the people at Nighthawk Custom and hearing how the company has grown over the last nine years ago employee dozens of U.S. workers using U.S. made tools U.S. made firearms that will be shipped with U.S. carriers and mostly U.S. end users.. Really puts things in perspective

In addition to 1911 pistols, Nighthawk Custom also offers tactical shotguns, rifles, holsters, parts and other gear

After meeting the people behind Nighthawk and learning about the detail put into each part of each firearm think you will agree, their reputation is well deserved.

We hope you will enjoy this behind the scenes look at Nighthawk Custom

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